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Should I upgrade my VGA card? Or get another Radeon HD 7850 for CF?

Our ATE reader wants to upgrade his VGA setup, should he go CrossFire on his Radeon HD 7850? Or an entire new VGA card?

Question by Jeffrey from United Arab Emirates | Answered by in Video Cards on Fri, May 8 2015 6:41 PM CDT

hi i was thinking about upgrading my Graphics card right now. currently i have a 7850 and was considering putting another for crossfire. i was wondering is it worth it or should i get a single GPU. My desktop is connected to a single TV which is 55 inch.

Hey Jeffrey,

This is a great question, especially with AMD's Radeon 300 series right around the corner. This is something you've got to remember, especially when you're looking at setting up a CrossFire system. If the Radeon 300 series wasn't imminent, then I'd have a different recommendation.

Should I upgrade my VGA card? Or get another Radeon HD 7850 for CF? | TweakTown.com

There are three ways to take this: buy another Radeon HD 7850, upgrade to something like the Radeon R9 290/290X, or wait for the R9 300 series. I think you're better off waiting for the Radeon R9 3x0 (something like the R9 380 or R9 390) and buying a single card.

Two of the HD 7850s in CrossFire will chew through some power (500W+ for the full system), as well as causing a lot of heat inside of your case. Then you've got to worry about performance and CrossFire scaling, which to be honest, is not that great. You'll always have better performance with a single card, as you'll get 95-100% performance from it.

Our Expert Recommendation: Wait a few weeks, as AMD will be unveiling its new Radeon 300 series. Possibly sell your card, and put the money you would've spent on a second card, on a mid-range R9 300 series card.

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