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Should I wait for the PlayStation 4, or grab a PS3 now?

Should I wait for Sony to release the PlayStation 4 or get the PlayStation 3 now?

Question by Saji from Indonesia | Answered by in Gaming on Sun, Dec 30 2012 9:58 PM CST

Should I wait for the PS4 or buy a PS3 now?


We should hopefully hear about the PlayStation 4 at E3 which is held in June next year. If Sony do announce the PS4 at E3, and release it a few months after E3, we're only 6-9 months away from next-gen consoles. If you haven't already bought a PS3, I would wait it out.

Should I wait for the PlayStation 4, or grab a PS3 now? | TweakTown.com

That's my opinion - as it'll be the latest and greatest console from Sony. But, the PS3 has hundreds and hundreds of great games already and would be a fair bit cheaper than an off-the-shelf new next-gen console.

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