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Thermaltake at CES 2013 offer some old and new, but nothing borrowed, or blue

CES 2013 - I started my morning with a trip to the Thermaltake suite, and since it is very much a part of my segment, I was immediately attracted to the new peripherals setting against a couple of walls in the room. While it is always good to see a good product that has already made a great name for itself gets revised, it is much better to see something new. Two of the products you are about to see are slight rehashes of older products, but one new peripheral is a mix of Thermaltake and an Xbox controller!


TweakTown image news/2/7/27747_01_thermaltake_at_ces_2013_offer_some_old_and_new_but_nothing_borrowed_or_blue.jpg


Starting off whit the White Ra inspired design, the Saphira optical sensor based mice are getting new clothes. As you can see, this is a product that has been around for a bit, but now is dressed in seven new colors. So while you may not have enjoyed the look of the original design, Thermaltake is now delivering the Saphira in anything from olive drab and digital camouflage to five solid colors that should allow for users to buy mice to match system colorations.

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A slick new keyboard is soon to be on the way from CoolerMaster

CES 2013 - For those that weren't aware, a few weeks ago I was given the golden unicorn of keyboard from CoolerMaster, the Trigger with Cherry MX Green switches, and to keep my response short without giving away too much of the review that is soon to hit TweakTown's front page, let's just say I am very impressed and even so much that I have now given away the Matias Tactile Pro 3 that used to be what I would say is the best keyboard I have had, until I got the Trigger that is!


TweakTown image news/2/7/27745_01_a_slick_new_keyboard_is_soon_to_be_on_the_way_from_coolermaster.jpg

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Corsair unleash next-gen Vengeance gaming keyboard and mice

CES 2013 - Corsair are unstoppable today, announcing the next-generation of their awesome Vengeance lineup of gaming peripherals. Not only that, but current owners of the Vengeance 2000 wireless gaming headset will receive an upcoming free software update which will give them Dolby Headphone 2.0 7.1-channel surround sound support - not bad for free, eh?


TweakTown image news/2/7/27650_01_corsair_unleash_next_gen_vengeance_gaming_keyboard_and_mice.png

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Corsair unveil Raptor line of gaming peripherals are now available

CES 2013 - Corsair have burst out of the CES 2013 gate in Las Vegas with the announcement of the Raptor line of gaming peripherals. The Raptor line will sit side-by-side with the current Vengeance line of products and offer gamers a larger choice of gaming goodies to choose from.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27648_04_corsair_unveil_raptor_line_of_gaming_peripherals_are_now_available.png


Back in August 2012, Corsair acquired Raptor Gaming in Germany, and along with the acquisition comes the Raptor gaming peripherals. Corsair's Raptor line of peripherals are designed with "conventional materials and are priced to hit a wider variety of retailer price points". Ruben Mookerjee, Vice President and General Manager of the Peripherals Business Unit at Corsair has said:


Together, our Corsair Raptor and Corsair Vengeance series provide gamers with a diverse arsenal of gaming peripherals to choose from. And an increasing number of local and online retail locations where they can purchase them.

SteelSeries unveil the world's fastest gaming keyboards - introducing the SteelSeries Apex and Apex RAW

CES 2013 - SteelSeries start off with a sprint this morning, unveiling the "world's fastest gaming keyboards" otherwise known as the SteelSeries Apex and Apex RAW. Both of these keyboards sport "unique enhancements" to the keyboards layout from low-profile keys, specifically designed raised macros rows for quick access, as well as various customizations in terms of colors and intensity on the keyboard itself.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27688_01_steelseries_unveil_the_world_s_fastest_gaming_keyboards_introducing_the_steelseries_apex_and_apex_raw.png


Where the world's fastest gaming keyboard term comes into play is in the SteelSeries ActiveZone, which is a combination of programmability as well as visual support to navigate the keys better.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27688_03_steelseries_unveil_the_world_s_fastest_gaming_keyboards_introducing_the_steelseries_apex_and_apex_raw.png


The Apex keyboard is the higher-end of the two, sports the aforementioned SteelSeries ActiveZone which gives an insane amount of customization functions available to the user. Up to 8 levels of illumination intensity in each of its 5 zones, with up to 4 different customizable layers per zone.

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Tobii Rex lets you control any Windows 8 PC with eye-tracking tech

Tobii, the company behind the eye-tracking Gaze Technology has just announced an eye tracking kit that you can use on any existing Windows 8 PC.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27579_1_tobii_rex_lets_you_control_any_windows_8_pc_with_eye_tracking_tech.jpg


Called the Tobii Rex, the stick like device mounts under your screen and connects to your PC via a USB port. The company says that you will use it along side existing peripherals like your mouse and keyboard. The Rex is designed to augment your input devices rather than replace them.


Most of us will not have the pleasure of using a Tobii Rex anytime soon though. The company is only producing a mere 5,000 of the eye tracking devices which will sell for a whopping $995 each.

Kickstarter-funded POP is back after Apple changes their accessory guidelines

Crowdfunded charging station POP looks to be back after a while out of the spotlight, now that Apple have changed their accessory guidelines. The company behind POP have confirmed they are now heading into production.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27473_01_kickstarter_funded_pop_is_back_after_apple_changes_their_accessory_guidelines.jpg


Edison Junior CEO, Jamie Simonoff, took to the POP Kickstarter page where he said "based on Apple's change we can make POP the way we had promised and the project is back on". The CEO promised another updated post to come soon, which will spill the detailed on estimated shipping dates which we should find out about in the next week or so.


The POP's problems all started with it wanting to be a truly all-in-one device that could charge devices through USB, Lightning, and Apple's now legacy 30-pin adapter. But, the guidelines for Apple's MFi program prevented the use of Lightning and 30-pin connectors on the same product.

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Logitech just unveiled a new Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac, iPad, and iPhone and a Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac.

Logitech just unveiled two sweet looking products for Apple users. The keyboard supports the familiar layout Mac fans have come to love with full access to Mission Control. The sleek aluminum design and backlit keys is something that will also be familiar to Mac users.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27229_1_logitech_just_unveiled_a_new_bluetooth_easy_switch_keyboard_for_mac_ipad_and_iphone_and_a_rechargeable_trackpad_for_mac.png


Logitech added the Easy-Switch function as a streamlined way for users to switch from their Mac to an iOS device with a simple button press. The Wireless trackpad comes sporting multi-touch control, and recognizes the full range of Mac OS gestures. A smooth glass surface with embedded precision sensors is a nice feature but the coolest feature by far is that both the keyboard and trackpad are both rechargeable through a standard USB cable.


The Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard and the Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad will launch in the United States and Europe in January 2013 with a suggested retail price of $99.99 and $69.99, respectively.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27229_2_logitech_just_unveiled_a_new_bluetooth_easy_switch_keyboard_for_mac_ipad_and_iphone_and_a_rechargeable_trackpad_for_mac.png

Griffin are the first with third-party Lightning cables

Griffin have come to the rescue of all iPhone 5 and iPad mini customers, where they're the first company to offer third-party Lightning cables. Until Griffin, you've only been able to buy the charge & sync cables from Apple direct.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27022_01_griffin_are_the_first_with_third_party_lightning_cables.jpg


Griffin are offering up the cables in four different lengths, 2-foot, 3-foot (coiled), 4-foot (coiled) and a 9.7-foot cable, too. Prices are set at $16.99, $18.99, $24.99 and $29.99, respectively.


Apple sells a 3.5-foot for $19, so Griffin aren't the savior in terms of pricing - but at least you get the option of choosing different lengths of cable. Griffin's third-party Lightning cables begin shipping in the first week of December.

Belkin becomes first third-party Lightning accessory manufacturer

Ever since I purchased my iPhone 5, the Lightning cable that came with the phone has been attached to me as much as the phone itself seeing as all of my previous charging cables are completely useless. Buying additional cables has been a challenge for me as I don't have an Apple Store in close proximity to me and buying additional cables online is nearly impossible. But my worries will soon be over as Belkin has announced it will be the first third-party company to have Lightning accessories available for purchase.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26570_01_belkin_becomes_first_third_party_lightning_accessory_manufacturer.jpg


Belkin announced today it will release two accessories that support the iPhone 5 and 4th Generation iPad's Lightning connector: the Belkin Car Charger for Lightning and Belkin Charge + Sync Dock. Both accessories will retail for $29.99 and will be made available in mid-November.

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