ASRock TRX40 Creator and Taichi Superior Design, Superior Performance, Best in Class

ASRock TRX40 Creator and Taichi Superior Design, Superior Performance, Best in Class 01

TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 7th, 2019 - The leading global motherboard, manufacturer, ASRock, is proud to announce its latest two AMD powered motherboards that are built on the AMD 3rd generation Ryzen Threadripper platform. The ASRock TRX40 comes in two flavors, the TRX40 Creator and the TRX40 Taichi. Both are super cool motherboards that extend the meaning of quality and pushes the boundaries of tech.

These two TRX40 motherboards utilize AMD's Socket sTRX4 and has PCI Express 4.0 slots, quad channel DDR4 memory bays, and support for PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSDs. Designed as a high-end performance machine, both TRX40 motherboards are finished in metallic silver with dark black silhouetted paint but this isn't the most impressive part of these two pieces of tech. What stands out are the multiple Hyper M.2 sockets. These sockets support the next generation PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSDs.

TRX40 Creator - Create consistent and smooth content without a hiccup

Creating content, images or video, requires a stable machine with good specs and reliable components. The TRX40 Creator bears the hallmarks of a sturdy ship powered by AMD's Ryzen chipset and dedicated graphics so all design work flows smoothly without sinking components. Trust ASRock to provide design quality with speed and uncompromising workmanship within a design masterpiece. It stands out in the crowd as it supports NVIDIA's Quadro graphics cards and it fully supports the Quadro SLI which is the best tool for creating VR content.

ASRock TRX40 Creator and Taichi Superior Design, Superior Performance, Best in Class 02

The TRX40 Creator supports triple hyper M.2 which is the next generation PCI Express 4.0 SSD chapter. It can perform twice the speed and offers transfer speeds of up to 64Gbps which is lightning fast for any motherboard and is crucial for any professional needing fast rendering or media processing. With the TRX40 Creator each M.2 will have its own heat sink to ensure high speed storage devices always perform at its best without any thermal issues.

Fast isn't only about the processor, you need to be able to transfer your data at the speed of sound as well. The new 10Gbps network standard specially designed to satisfy the user who is seeking immediate performance improvements enhances the quality of media rich data transfers. Based on AQUANTIA's AQtion 10Gbps BASE-T Ethernet client controller, it offers blazingly fast 10-gigabit per sec transfer speeds over Cat6 cabling, giving lightning fast transfer speeds, perfect for media center, workstation and gaming PCs.

You're not only getting fast data through the cables, ASRock TRX40 Creator provides the latest Wi-Fi 6 boost with the 802.11ax protocol. 802.11ax works up to 2.4Gbps and natively operates in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bandwidths simultaneously. Significant improvements in bi-directional MU-MIMO gives zero latency and a 40% boost than current Wi-Fi connections. offers blazing fast network speeds so 4K files and large image transfers across wireless networks are steady and a breeze.

TRX40 Taichi - Overclocks and provides abundant expandability

Overclocking is a rite of passage for gamers and nerdy media professionals and the TRX40 improves on that because it already runs at supersonic speed which delivers higher performance and higher power consumption on the TRX40 platform. The TRX40 Taichi motherboard is bold to challenge the limit and together with other expandable components delivers what unquestionably is technology nirvana.

Extreme gamers and PC enthusiasts can never have too much high-speed storage devices to support their gaming cravings.The TRX40 Taichi comes bundled with Hyper Quad M.2 Card which supports an additional 4 more PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe M.2 storage. It offers premium cooling solutions to ensure SSD's always perform at its best.

ASRock TRX40 Creator and Taichi Superior Design, Superior Performance, Best in Class 03

If you are looking for the quintessential power base of a motherboard, the TRX40 delivers the Digi Power Phase & 90A Dr. MOS technology. It's a power phase design that ensures all components are sturdy and offers a completely smooth power delivery to the CPU. Dr. MOS monitors current and temperature of each phase and boosts power and performance to the CPU so you don't need to worry about latency or slow power surges, giving a super stable system and tons of overclocking potential.

The TRX40 Taichi brings high performance but with that comes heat. Heat that is every gamer's nightmare as it drains power and resources. TRX40 Taichi's thermal design is part of its premium pedigree. An extra-large aluminum alloy heat sink with dual cooling fans are able to effectively take away heat from the MOSFET, giving better performance and OC capability.

The ASRock TRX40 motherboard series personifies data transfer speeds more so than any other motherboard out there by using USB3.2 Gen2x2, with data transfer rates up to 20 Gbps, it is twice as fast as previous generations, pushing data transfer rates to the max.

ASRock TRX40 Creator and Taichi Superior Design, Superior Performance, Best in Class 04

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