Buoyant Bounces Onto Mobile Devices Today

LONDON, UK - 17 June, 2019 - Developers New Star Games announced that Buoyant, the latest game from the BAFTA award-winning studio, breezes onto iOS and Android devices today.

Buoyant Bounces Onto Mobile Devices Today | TweakTown.com

Buoyant is a departure for the sports game developer best known for the massively successful New Star Soccer brand which been downloaded over 30 million times. Buoyant is a deceptively simple, one touch, high score chasing, endless game.

Dig a bit deeper and you have a fiendishly addictive, punishing challenge that will push player skills to their limits. Add a chilled out soundtrack, leaderboards, achievements and that "one more go" magic and you have a game that floats like a butterfly, but stings like a bee, or more specifically, stings like a lot of nasty spiky obstacles floating in the water.

Simon Read, creator and owner of New Star Games gave some insight into the idea behind the game, which came off the back of a game jam session. "I wanted to make a 2D version of Wave Race 64, so I started playing around with wave physics. I soon had a little pixel-art guy on a jet ski surfing along but found when I switched to a more abstract style that the game was more appealing. It was great fun to create and I've enjoyed working on a shorter project, and now I'm looking forward to getting it out there and seeing what the response is like."

Buoyant is also a departure from what is seen as normal in "free to play" games on mobile. This is because Buoyant has no adverts at all and only 1 optional purchase. Players can enjoy a number of plays every day for free, but they can unlock unlimited plays for just Ã,Ã,£1.99 and that's it.

For more information on Buoyant please visit the official website here. Players can also check out the latest videos on YouTube and follow the game on Twitter

Buoyant download links:- iOS https://apps.apple.com/app/buoyant/id1462400352

Google Play https://play.Google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newstargames.buoyant

About New Star Games

New Star Games, founded and led by Simon Read, is an independent games publisher & developer based in Buckingham, UK. Fuelled by the extraordinary success of New Star Soccer, which went on to win a BAFTA in 2013, this small but perfectly formed and highly focused developer is set to continue to light up the sports game genre with its now trademark mix of action, lifestyle strategy and RPG. For more information, please visit: http://www.newstargames.com/

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