The Fight of Your Life - Zombie Shooter2 - Death Hospital - Official trailer 2

Be prepared, Zombie Shooter2 - Death Hospital is infesting everyone's phones. The official ZS Death Hospital Facebook page released a new trailer for the critically acclaimed and highly anticipated free-to-play zombie FPS game, and you can see it for the first time here:

The trailer speaks for itself as it presents the tragic world of the dark hospital. Every corner and every room you fight off the endless hordes of zombies for the fight of your life. There is no rest for the wicked after all.

The video does not hold back as it shows how tense and scary the game can get. By the end of the trailer, you will feel the adrenaline and itch to start playing the game. The dramatic music synced well with the gunshots and it shows how precise and accurate the players must be to survive. Any missed shot, any misstep will lead to your demise. There is darkness, and you are the light to fight it off.

Play at your own risk. We warn you that this game is highly addictive because of its rewarding, and action-packed gameplay. The game is mixed with loot collecting and adrenaline-pumping action all throughout. Zombie Shooter2 - Death Hospital is for those who want to have fun, and don't mind being sucked into a world filled with endless things to uncover and see.

Clear areas of countless zombies, salvage guns for increased firepower, rescue hostages and loot items for improved stats, and slay the boss to end the night of the frightening zombies! What more could a player ask for? The zombies in Death Hospital do not rest, and so you must not rest as well.

Good luck survivor!

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Game Features:

  • Realistic zombie shooter
  • Control your Aim using the Gyro Sensor
  • Horrifying 3D Graphics
  • Over 10 Powerful Guns to Unlock
  • Gain access to over 19 items that will aid you
  • Save the 8 Survivors to Upgrade your Stats

About Zombie Shooter2 - Death Hospital

"Zombie Shooter2 - Death Hospital" is a free-to-play augmented reality shooter developed by Playpark.Co., Ltd. In this game, you play as a journalist who must survive a horrifying zombie outbreak. Fight against all odds as you collect weapons and items to help you stay alive and save survivors along the way.

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