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PC Power & Cooling mainstream PSUs out

Cameron Wilmot | Apr 4, 2008 2:42 AM CDT

The Silencer 370, 420, and 500 offer a range of power for mainstream gaming, home theatre, and work station PCs. The 500W series features a specialized Dell version that allows Dell owners to upgrade their systems with the latest components including any of the new power-hungry high-performance video cards. Ideal for PC users who prefer a straight-forward, value-minded PSU, the Silencer 370, 420, and 500 provide cool, quiet, and reliable power.

The lower wattage configurations provide the necessary power for desktop computing setups, ensuring you won't pay extra for a higher wattage unit that would be overkill for a modern mainstream system. Even at peak loads, the new Silencer series, with its ultra-quiet fan and proprietary inlet design, remains virtually silent, ideal for media PCs and noise-conscious environments.

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"B2 Stealth Bomber" Chassis Launched

Cameron Wilmot | Mar 12, 2008 12:46 AM CDT

B2 - an all-new ATX tower from Xtreme Series, featuring fighter jet-like auto-sensing front door and a touch sensitive mechanism to activate the front cover and automatically glides it open and close. Inspired by the B2 Stealth bomber, the W-shaped side panel air intakes provide exceptional ventilation for your PC while evoking the unique lines of the bomber! Its unique dark metallic paint with matte finish and front panel LED light both create a unique modern yet low-observable "Stealth" touch. B2 appeals to gamers looking for unique designs combined with quality and easy to install (tool free) mid-tower.

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ECS Passive 88GT & revised stock cooler!

Steve Dougherty | Dec 5, 2007 4:40 PM CST

Taipei, Taiwan ( -- ECS releases the latest GeFORCE 8800GT Dual Turbo version graphics card, compared with other NVIDIA 8800GT competitors, ECS N8800GT Dual Turbo version adopts ARCTIC S1 cooling, the Swiss cooling solution provider, brings a radically new noise free experience and wonderful ventilated potency for enthusiast gamers. ARCTIC S1 cooling matches ECS 8800GT to create the zero noise cooling solution and greatly lower temperature together. ECS N8800GT dual turbo version provides an all-round solution that achieves the best cooling performance.

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