NVIDIA prepares price-cuts to answer AMD's RV770

Are price cuts enough, or is NVIDIA buying time?

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With the HD 4800 series attributing largely to AMD's invigorated prospects, competitor NVIDIA isn't taking the predicament lying down, according to this report from Fudzilla.

Having underestimated the prowess of its competitor's RV770 GPU, the Santa Clara, CA based company is attempting to deflect the recent blows it has been dealt by AMD and thinks, that it has the answer.

Apparently, NVIDIA's GTX 260 and GTX 280 solutions could see $30 and $90, shaved off their respective price tags, however as the report surmises, the beneficiary of these price cuts, will most likely be NVIDIA's partners.

The lower prices should, ultimately, filter through the channel, yet it is unknown to what tune these will actually be and how much, end-users will benefit.

Interestingly however, it is claimed that limited price protection offered by NVIDIA, could put some partners and distributors in an undesirable position. Could this be the breaking point to persuade additional NVIDIA exclusive AIB's to break with tradition and offer AMD GPU based SKUs in co-existence?

With AMD's recent and relentless challenges on the GPU front, will price cuts from NVIDIA be enough to pep up, what are claimed to be, disappointing sales figures or is this perhaps, a distraction, whilst NVIDIA takes stock and attempts to recover control of the situation, from a technical and performance vantage?

Whatever the answers to these questions, this latest GPU battle isn't showing any signs of abatement. Undoubtedly, consumers are awaiting the next instalment, as renewed and credible competition has clearly, reinvigorated the playing field.
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