NZXT debuts Sentry LX fan controller solution

Aluminium chassis holds secrets to cooling bliss.

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NZXT has unveiled details of its Sentry LX fan controller.

Debuting in suave aluminium, the Sentry LX features a comprehensive feature set, all intuitively accessed via an LCD, featuring what the company terms as, its ergonomic interface design.

Cooling aficionados will undoubtedly appreciate the balance between automation and micromanagement on offer. Fans speeds controlled by the unit can either be adjusted automatically, in which case, temperature presets are utilised, or, manual management of the system, which allows the user to set fan speeds based on their own criteria.

Fitting into a dual 5.25" drive bay, the Sentry LX caters for up to five fans, offering an associated temperature probe for each. An alarm system, allowing for prompt notification should temperatures exceed a preset value, completes the offering.

The solution forms the basis of the company's belief that the Sentry LX is the tool of choice, whether the end-user desires absolute silence, or extreme overclocking capabilities.
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