AMD turbo-charges RV770 GPU against NVIDIA

Does the 'SuperRV770' have the GTX 280 in reach?

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As reported by TG Daily, AMD is determined to up the ante even further, by capitalizing on the multifaceted attack it has launched against NVIDIA's GTX 260 and GTX 280 solutions.

Reports indicate that AMD is currently binning GPUs on the basis of achieving a satisfactory yield and level of performance, yet, the knowledge that the RV770 is capable of so much more, has fuelled the company to develop a 'derivative' of the RV770, known as the 'SuperRV770'.

The 'SuperRV770' will be an AIB/OEM exclusive, featuring a water cooling solution and boasting an unlocked BIOS, offering the tantalizing ability to overclock the GPU up to a, heady, 950 MHz. The GDDR5 memory won't be left out of the equation either, as it will be given a chance to polish its shine, with speeds of up to 1.2 GHz (QDR).

Such an SKU may sound familiar to you and you wouldn't be wrong. Diamond Multimedia, as we reported late last week, has already released the details of its own 'SuperRV770' iteration.

Taking a somewhat more conservative route, the company has announced that its 'SuperRV770' based SKU will tempt end-users with factory overclocked speeds of 800 MHz and 1.1 GHz (QDR) for the GPU and GDDR5 memory, respectively. However, the unlocked BIOS functionality will allow users to push GPU and memory speeds up to 950 MHz for the GPU and 1.2 GHz (QDR) for the memory.

Focussing back on the 'SuperRV770' itself, the article states that the HD 4870 allows for a TDP of 225 watts and in stock configuration, it is claimed, the solution utilises in the region of 160 to 170 watts. This, using the upper value, provides a 55 watt margin for overclocking potential and is perhaps where AMD is getting its inspiration from.

TG Daily has calculated that at 4.8 GT/s (1.2 GHz QDR), the 'SuperRV770' would reach bandwidth heights of 150 GB/s, exceeding the 138.37 GB/s touted by NVIDIA's GTX 280.

Enthusiasts may take even more joy from the claim that, when married up with TEC cooling, GPU speeds north of 1 GHz could be within reach.

Diamond Multimedia is not the only AIB taking advantage of luring enthusiasts into the AMD domain, with the likes of ASUS and Sapphire also linked with SKUs based on the 'SuperRV770'.
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