Camera identifies your age and gender

There ain't no hiding anymore.

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Camera identifies your age and gender in real-time stemming from the technology rich country of Japan, an invention of an intelligent camera which can identify a person's age and gender real-time on the monitor to varying degrees of accuracy is going to become available to the public.

While face recognition technology is not very new to science and to the world at large, it still lacks the ability to know things about you, unless they have been previously recorded and inputted manually.
What this technology does, is it compares your face with thousands of other faces, and works out your age within a 10 year age variance and highlights you with the information on the monitor. In addition, it can, based on the information stored, evaluate your gender or if it has a copy of your face it will match them up.

Check out the clip to know more.

The days of George Orwell's "1984" are a little over twenty years late, but they are definitely on the horizon. People's lives are being monitored more and more, with little room left for privacy.
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