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The future is Blu.

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First of all, I should introduce myself. My name is Ben Gourlay and I am the newest addition to the TweakTown staff.

I've spent the last five years, among other things, reviewing DVD's and reporting DVD news for But I've jumped at the opportunity to join TweakTown, and head up a new dimension to your favorite site - movie news and reviews. I will also be joined by a familiar TweakTown face; Shane and I'm sure we will be joined by some more as time goes on.

We've been feverishly working behind the scenes for the last few weeks to get things up and running and you may have seen my live blog from the Toshiba press conference and subsequent interview with Toshiba MD Mark Whittard from last week.

We welcome the support of home entertainment giants such as Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Entertainment, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Roadshow Home Entertainment and Madman Entertainment, so you can count on us to report on the biggest and boldest movies that the market has to offer.

It's certainly exciting times in the home entertainment business, and fantastic for the industry that there is now unanimous support for the Blu-ray format. Going forward, this will be the format of choice for news and reviews. But if there is a great DVD release, or exciting news, we will be there to report on that too. And even in its death throes, we will report on HD-DVD, and the last few releases that the format will see. We will soon also begin covering CE products such as HDTVs, projectors, receivers, players and so on.

We'll endeavor to be with you multiple times a week to provide updates on the latest movie releases, rounding up news as it happens. As we land on our feet, we would like to try other avenues of providing the latest news and reviews to you guys, such as video reviews, podcasts and live blogging.

But finally, dear reader, we want your input. We will be relying on you to tell us what works, what doesn't work, what you want to see more of, and what you would like changed. Would you like video footage formatted for devices such as iPod and PlayStation Portable, or would you like it streaming from the web? This is but an example of how the community will shape the work that we do, because that's all we are here for. Remember, I am only ever a few key strokes away - you can shoot me an email at We really do want to hear your voices.

So, finally, hopefully you guys can stop by and join us, amongst all your normal favorite sections, and remember - the future is Blu!

Ben joined the TweakTown team in 2008 and has since reviewed 100s of movies. Ben is based in Australia and has covered entertainment news and reviews since 2002. A student of film, Ben brings a wide understanding of the medium to the latest happenings in entertainment circles and the latest blockbuster theatrical reviews.

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