Vantec goes for all-in-one watercooler

The StingRay Mini.

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Vantec might not be your first port of call when it comes to watercooling, but the company has had some success with its StingRay kit, but this time the company has decided to go for an ever smaller setup with the compact StingRay Mini STG-110. We're talking an all-in-one solution here, something that has been done before and which rarely offers any advantage over a normal air cooler.

Hopefully Vantec can bring something new to the table with the StingRay Mini and at least the design looks pretty funky. It relies on a 92mm fan to cool the radiator and it has a rated air flow of 22.25-55.89 CFM depending on the fan speed which is adjustable between 1,200 and 2,800 rpm and produces 24 to 36dB.

The pump has ceramic bearings which should result in a long lifespan, although these bearings aren't as popular as you'd expect. The StingRay Mini comes pre-filled with coolant, so there's no need to mess around which is a good thing for those that are looking at getting their first watercooler. It also features a universal mounting mechanism which is compatible with all current Intel and AMD CPU sockets. We're not sure when it will launch, but hopefully it'll be shortly.

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