Gigabyte launches own design HD 3850's

256 and 512MB versions.

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If you saw our early shots of this card here then this is hardly news for you, but Gigabyte's in-house designed Radeon HD 3850 has finally appeared on their website. There's very little in terms of product information, the only thing that's really clear is that there's a 256MB and a 512MB version of the card. Gigabyte will ship Never Winter Nights 2 with these cards, just as they are with the earlier reference design cards.

The cards are using a Zalman cooler which means that they take up two slots instead of the single slot of the reference cooler, but the Zalman cooler is quieter and offers better cooling efficiency. We don't know exactly when the cards will be available, but it should be sometime next month from what we were told by Gigabyte when we saw the early engineering sample.

You can find the product pages here and here
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