Futuremark's Benchmark Ticker activated!

Real-time ORB stats.

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Futuremark have just made the ORB (Online Result Browser) a hell of a lot cooler thanks to this snazzy new flash based sub-site they call the Benchmark Ticker.

This site displays consistantly updated statistics in real-time of the most recent person to have submitted their system's score to the ORB. There is a large map of the world shown which is used to show you where that person is situated as well as providing such information as the Futuremark product they've used to bench with, what score they achieved and a summary of their system's hardware.

Although the Benchmark Ticker has only just entered beta status, it appears to work flawlessly and is extremely well presented.

Some other interesting and constantly updated stats displayed at the Ticker are things like the most popular graphics card used to bench with, which country in the world is submitting the most scores and who is currently sitting in the #1 spot.

Head on over and check it out!
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