Here's when the next 'ring of fire' eclipse will happen over the US

If you happened to miss the incredible Great American Eclipse of 2017, mark your calendars for the next one that's coming up.

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Solar eclipses are a thing of beauty that every human should witness at least once during their life as it's one of the many spectacles that the universe we live in offers.

Here's when the next 'ring of fire' eclipse will happen over the US 01

Back in 2017, the Great American Eclipse occurred over North America, leaving millions of onlookers in awe as the Moon completely blocked out the Sun for a small period of time. So, when is the next one going to happen? According to AccuWeather, the next solar eclipse will happen on October 14, 2023, but it won't be a total solar eclipse.

The difference between a total solar eclipse and an annular solar eclipse is that the Moon doesn't completely block out the Sun on an annular solar eclipse, it leaves a "ring" around the outside of the Moon, hence the recently adopted name "ring of fire" eclipse. AccuWeather reports that the solar eclipse in 2023 will be an "appetizer" for the main event that will occur on April 8, 2024, when the Moon will completely black out the Sun - a total solar eclipse.

Dr. Gordon Telepun, an expert eclipse photographer, spoke to AccuWeather and said, "The Oct.14, 2023, annular eclipse in the southwestern U.S. provides an opportunity to observe and photograph this type of eclipse without international travel."

Adding, "During an annular eclipse, you must use certified solar glasses for your eyes and solar filters for your equipment for the entire eclipse. For visually observing the Sun you must use products that conform to ISO 12312-2 which designates use for direct observation of the Sun."

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