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AMD Phenom - Killer 3DMark06 performance

without the proof....

Published Aug 28, 2007 6:13 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:39 PM CST
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The Inquirer have some startling info for us about the performance of AMD's upcoming Phenom 3GHz parts in conjunction with a pair of Radeon 2900 XTs in Crossfire.

They are claiming that they have had the chance to tinker with an early K10 system present at the Games Convention in Leipzig last week, and provide us with some (apparent) legitimate benchmarking scores which are quite crushing!

How's 30,031 points in 3DMark06 sound? Certainly a new world record right off the bat if it pertains to be true. Further information about the system benched is that the platform was running on the RD790 chipset along with Corsair's Dominator PC2-9136C5D memory modules, and the Crossfire setup was overclocked to GPU/MEM speeds of 830MHz/900 MHz respectively.

This all too clearly to be taken with a grain of salt though, it would be nice to think these results are legit but we're lacking something very important here... EVIDENCE!

LAST WEEK in Leipzig my kit was nicked, but before that happened we asked AMD if it would let us run memory benchmark scores on a system there. The reps gave us the company line and declined, so we decided to disclose the benchmark scores of our own K10 benchmarking here and now.

If you were wondering why AMD was hiding the scores of K10 so secretly, there were two reasons. The first might be that the CPU sucks badly and after AMD comes out, Intel's lads can start celebrating the death of AMD. On the other hand, there the was clear and present danger of the K10 significantly beating not just the current Conroe/Kentsfield generation, but easily out besting Wolfdale/Yorkfield. This statement warrants at least three hatemails from Intel's R&D lads, but all that we will disclose here are results we have in our possession. The pics are gone with my stolen laptop, though.

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