Facebook just approved a Virtual Desktop feature it previously banned

Facebook just approved Virtual Desktops VR game streaming feature, allowing you to to play SteamVR games wirelessly on Quest.

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The popular Virtual Desktop app just got a surprise update today. After more than a year of refusing to allow wireless streaming of PC VR games on the Oculus Quest through Virtual Desktop, Facebook has approved the feature and enabled it on the official Oculus store.

Facebook just approved a Virtual Desktop feature it previously banned 01

Guy Godin's Virtual Desktop is one of the most popular VR applications. The software has been around since the earliest days of consumer VR and its had many iterations over the years. Virtual Desktop enables you to access your Windows desktop and all its features and applications in a virtual window within a virtual environment, including PC games and other applications.

When Oculus launched the Quest back in May 2019, Virtual Desktop launched on the standalone VR platform, and with it came a unique feature that Facebook was not fond of. The Quest version of Virtual Desktop would enable you to access SteamVR content and stream it wirelessly to your Quest headset, giving you a full untethered PC VR experience. Facebook allowed Virtual Desktop to remain on the Oculus Store, but it forced the developer to remove the streaming feature.+

A version of Virtual Desktop with the streaming features has been available on SideQuest since Facebook banned the feature. With the launch of Facebook App Lab, Mr. Godin made a new attempt to get his app distributed by Oculus. Surprisingly, Facebook approved the app for the official Oculus Store. The updated version is available now.

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