Dr Fone: free iPhone data recovery software

Dr Fone is your complete mobile solution, includes all of the tools you need to keep your smartphone operating at 100% speed.

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I'm sure you know someone in your life, or maybe you've even done it -- where you've wiped data on your phone or done a factory reset and forgot to back something up. Well, that's where Dr Fone comes in. Check out the introduction video:

Dr Fone started out as a normal iOS repair and recovery kit of software, but it quickly began to grow into a much larger toolkit. Dr Fone is available on both iOS and Android (as well as PC and Mac) but offers different features and functions between the operating systems -- the iOS version seems to be the better one. It has quickly become one of the best free iPhone data recovery software packages on the market.

The Dr Fone Toolkit is the perfect iPhone recovery software, it will show you how to recover data after factory reset iPhone, and even recover iPhone data lost after restoring to factory settings. It's like the perfect vaccine for your phone, from Dr Fone -- get it? The perfect software to recover iPhone data after restore.

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The PC toolkit includes WhatsApp Transfer, Phone Manager, Data Recovery, Phone Backup, Phone Transfer, Screen Unlock, System Repair (for both iOS and Android) and Data Eraser.

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On your phone you can do a bunch of stuff with Dr Fone, with the Data Recovery capable of recovering your once-deleted photos, videos, messages, contacts, and more. The Phone Transfer will transfer your iPhone or iCloud to Android "without hassle" which is a big deal for lots of people who don't have much technical know-how.

TransMore will share files through 2 devices or computers, while iOS Screen Recorder does what it says in the title -- record the activities on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

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You can use the Virtual Location to "teleport" your iPhone GPS location to anywhere in the world, with a single click.

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Dr Fone has been around for nearly 20 years now, with 50 million users, and 153 million downloads so far -- the company has over 654,000 satisfied business partners, too.

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Dr Fone makes it easier than ever before to transfer data between your smartphones and computers, where you can transfer pretty much anything between your devices.


Dr Fone varies on cost depending on which part, or all of it -- that you buy.

  • Dr. Fone - Android Toolkit: $79.95 (annual plan)
  • Dr. Fone - iOS Toolkit: $99.95 (annual plan)
  • Dr. Fone - Full Toolkit: $139.95 (annual plan)
  • Dr. Fone - Data Recovery: starts from $39.95
  • Dr. Fone - Phone Manager: starts from $29.95
  • Dr. Fone - Phone Transfer: starts from $29.95
  • Dr. Fone - System Repair: starts from $39.95
  • Dr. Fone - Phone Backup: starts from $19.95
  • Dr. Fone - Data Eraser: starts from $14.95
  • Dr. Fone - Screen Unlock: starts from $49.95
  • Dr. Fone - WhatsApp Transfer: starts from $21.95
  • Dr. Fone - Virtual Location: starts from $9.95
  • Dr. Fone - iTunes Repair: starts from $19.95


Dr Fone does go into great detail about its software, explaining:

What are the payment options?

  • Dr.Fone supports all the mainstream payment options depending on different countries to ensure a smooth shopping experience. For example, you can use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc. in the US, and Alipay, Wechat Pay, etc. in China.

Can I buy a single feature from any of the toolkits?

  • Yes, of course. Just head over to Dr.Fone Store and you will find various single features available to purchase. Most of the features can be downloaded and used on both Windows and Mac platforms. You can choose and buy your favorite feature based on your requirements. It's worth mentioning that the Root feature is free.

Do I need to download different installation packages for different toolkits or single features?

  • You only need to download one package for a Windows computer, and a different package for a Mac computer. Different toolkits and features can only be obtained by using different licenses. That is, you should download the installation package first and then use different licenses to unlock different features or whole toolkits.

In the Full Toolkit column, why are some features marked "iOS Only" or "Android Only"?

  • The features are provided based on the market demands and technology characteristics of the iOS and Android operating systems. For example, the Root feature is exclusive to Android devices, and the Repair feature aims to fix iOS issues on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

What is the license validity period? What can I do when the license expires?

  • For every toolkit you have purchased successfully, the license remains valid for a year. After the license expires, you are no longer able to use the toolkit or feature. Nevertheless, you can purchase any single feature of a one-year or lifetime license. Please pay attention to our email promotions that offer discounts for second purchases.

Can Dr.Fone incur data leaks on my phone?

  • Dr.Fone is a tool developed to help consumers maximize the potential of their phones. When you use Dr.Fone tools, your data can only be scanned out instead of being copied or saved to the cloud. The data storage mechanism of Dr.Fone is based on the PC. As data leak scandals emerge in the world, many people seek for PC-based backup and transfer solutions. In this case, Dr.Fone is your ideal choice.
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