Doom Eternal console commands: FOV, change run speed, and more

Use console commands to force wider FOV in Doom Eternal with our handy tutorial guide.

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Doom Eternal's FOV options aren't ideal. But with our guide, you can use console commands to force a wider FOV to see everything. Plus we also show you how to adjust movement speeds, jump height and more.

After tinkering around with Doom Eternal's console, we found some interesting new commands that'll change how you play. Before you do anything though be sure to check out our helpful how-to Doom Eternal console commands tutorial guide for a run-down of everything you need, how to install it, and how to get started.

With console commands, we can actually manipulate the field of view with the p_forcefov console command, but don't go past 150. Things get really disorienting if you even go as high as 150.

There's also sprint speed adjustments with the pm_sprintspeed command that'll have you flying around the levels like Sonic--or the original Doomguy from 1993. We also discovered a nifty stop time command that'll freeze everything in suspended animation, and even a nifty jumpheight adjustment that'll have you bouncing like you're on the moon.

One particular section also discusses how to make fights harder or easier. We found how to turn off aim assist, how to reflect damage back at enemies, to heal all AI in a specific area, and even turn on infinite shield regeneration.

Check below for a list of commands we've found, along with links to the downloads you'll need to unlock the console to experiment with your own combinations. Remember you can copy and paste these commands right into the console too.

Special thanks to Sunbeam and the Fearless Revolution Forums for enabling the console.

WARNING: This could interfere with account leveling and achievements. May not work on Bethesda Store versions.

Required downloads and associated resources

Notable Commands

FOV - p_forcefov 100-150

Movement Speed - pm_sprintspeed 1-100

Jump Height - pm_jumpheight 10-100

Select Mission In-Game - activatemissionselect 1

Unlock All Missions - mainmenu_unlockallmissionselectmaps 1

Unlock Master Levels - mainmenu_unlockallmasterlevels 1

Stop Time - g_stoptime 1

NoClip Speed - pm_noclipspeed 100-200

Enemies Won't Target You - notarget

Shield Regeneration - g_playershieldregenrate 1-100

Reflect Damage - g_reflectdamage 1

Turn Off Aim Assist - g_setting_aim_assist 0

AI Can Only be Glory Killed - AIcanonlybeglorykilled 1

Force Enemies to Idle - AI_forceidle 1

Heal All AI - healai

Remove Selected AI - removeai

Hide AI - ai_hide

Show AI - ai_show

Godmode - god

Infinite ammo - g_infiniteammo 1

No Spread - g_spread_nospread 1

All Weapons & Mods - campaign_giveupgradedweaponsandmods

Pistol - g_enable pistol

Noclip Mode - Noclip

Third-Person - pm_thirdperson 1

Infinite Dash - envsuit_dashignoremeter 1

Stop Time - g_stoptime 1

All Runes - Runes_giveallrunes

Force photo mode - g_setting_photomode 1

Infinite Dash - envsuit_dashignoremeter 1

Scale Damage to Enemies - g_damageScaleAllToAI [Value 1 - Whatever]

Doom Eternal console commands: FOV, change run speed, and more 3
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