EVE Online player bids $40,000 for rare ship on charity auction

$40,000 -- the largest single-ship transaction in EVE Online history.

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EVE Online is a super-popular game and while it doesn't have 50 million active players in games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and League of Legends -- it has a rabid, and very dedicated player base.

Well, in EVE Online right now developer CCP are donating all donations in their "PLEX for Good" event towards the devastating Australian bushfires. CCP are asking EVE Online players to donate any spare in-game currency to an official CCP-owned character, and at the end of the PLEX for Good event they will convert it into real-world money, and donate it to the Red Cross.

And then in steps Scott Manley, a YouTuber and former EVE Online player that was eyeing off Kelon Darklighy's super-rare ship -- and opened bidding at 1 million PLEX, which converts into 3.5 trillion ISK which then converts into an insane 160 years of EVE game time. This is worth around $40,000 and is what is making the big headlines. If the transaction goes through, it would represent the largest single-ship transaction in EVE Online's entire history.

I'm a huge fan of things like this, especially when it is for the Australian bushfires which are devastating my home country. I'll update you with another story when/if this transaction goes through and the end game of the huge PLEX for Good event.

EVE Online player bids $40,000 for rare ship on charity auction | TweakTown.com
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