Burglar breaks in, wakes couple up to use their Wi-Fi

Palo Alto couple wake up to a burglar who broke into their house, as he needed to use their Wi-Fi network.

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On Sunday morning there was one Palo Alto couple that woke up to something I think most people can safely say has never happened to them; a burglar breaks into your house and gets asked to use your Wi-Fi network, while standing in your bedroom. Yeah, I didn't think so.

Burglar breaks in, wakes couple up to use their Wi-Fi | TweakTown.com

This happened to a 60-something couple in California with the man jumping out of bed and towards the burglar, pushing down down the hallway and outside of their front door. As soon as the masked intruder was out the door the man called the police, and the person seeking access to their Wi-Fi network was arrested and identified as a 17-year-old minor.

The young man was arrested for burglary which is a felony, and because he was prowling he's been hit with a misdemeanor and not only that, he provided police with false information. The police said that he lied about his identity when they first caught him, right after he got into the 60-something couples house by "cutting a screen covering an open window in the side yard".

The suspect isn't a stranger of using the "hey I'm in your house to use your Wi-Fi" excuse as the 17-year-old reportedly found prowling outside of another house in the Palo Alto area. Residents did the same thing and confronted the young man, where they too said he "asked to use their Wi-Fi network because he was out of data".

He rode away after he was confronted, all with a stolen bike from the back of their house, so he might also be facing more charges for the stolen bike. Ha.

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