Ex-Sony boss: PS5 is likely in an 'advanced state of design'

Sony's next-gen PlayStation 5 is most likely in an 'advanced state of design'

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We should expect Sony to release their new PS5 in the coming years, with an exclusive source of TweakTown telling us during Computex last year that the PlayStation 5 will rock a discrete GPU, and not a super-weak APU like all consoles now with very under-performing CPUs.

Ex-Sony boss: PS5 is likely in an 'advanced state of design' | TweakTown.com

Speaking with Polygon during the recent GamesBeat conference, former Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Andrew House said: "I'm very bullish on longer life cycles for consoles. Consoles are so under-represented and under-penetrated in so many markets around the globe. There's so much potential. Let's not forget that China is still largely (untapped)".

Sony needs to make the PS5 a truly next-gen console, where I expect 4K 60FPS as a minimum. By then, PC gamers will be enjoying NVIDIA's surely-a-smash-hit BFGDs, which will arrive as huge 65-inch 4K 120Hz HDR gaming TVs. 4K 120FPS gaming on the PC, should hopefully mean next-gen consoles offer bare minimums of 4K 60FPS with HDR, but I'm hoping 4K 120FPS that would allow next-gen PSVR experiences, too.

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