Starcrafts Firebat unit will 'light up' Heroes of the Storm

Starcrafts Firebat unit is on it's way to 'light up' Heroes of the Storm.

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Heroes of the Storm has taken to Twitter today to announce their next Hero, which is scheduled for release in January next year. 'Blaze', the Veteran Firebat has been selected as the next Hero that will be stepping onto the battlefield, originally from the very first Starcraft games and a pivotal unit throughout the Starcraft universe, Blaze has been given a quick teaser video confirming his debut to Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard have taken the original Firebat unit and will implement him into their MOBA but have also given us no knowledge of what Blaze's abilities are, or where he fits in on the battlefield. Since there is no knowledge of his abilities all that can be done is educated guessing based off the unit within the Starcraft universe. Firebats within the Starcraft universe are AOE (area of effect) masters mostly used for defensive purposes due to their dual arm-mounted flame throwers.

Firebats also use armored plating, to complement this Firebats also have a upgrade to their armor called 'Juggernaut Plating' which increases the Firebats health and base armor. This is not a lot to go on as Blaze could very well be changed before his release but from what is known about Firebats already, it could very well could be implemented into Heroes of the Storm.

Predicting the future for the new character is difficult but it would not be surprising if Blizzard simply took the Firebat from Starcraft, keeping most of his abilities and passives, then injected him straight onto the battlefield as a AOE fire-blasting tank manic.

Starcrafts Firebat unit will 'light up' Heroes of the Storm |

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