Battlefield 1942 remastered project kicks it up to 4K

4K lands in Battlefield 1942 courtesy of a new remaster project.

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I still remember pumping hundreds of hours into Battlefield 1942 when it came out, after a heavy multi-year addiction to Quake and Unreal, and even Unreal Tournament (oh and let's not forget Half-Life and a million other great first-person shooters from the 90s).

Fast forward 15 years and we're now looking at an attempt to bring Battlefield 1942 into the new world ruled by high-res gaming monitors, right up to 4K and beyond. 'ScureHD' on and YouTube has posted has put some good work into the Battlefield 1942 Remaster Project, with a damn good paint job on the old DICE technology that powered by Refractor Engine 2, the engine that powered Codename Eagle (internet points for those who remember CE).

Before the days of Frostbite, which looks freaking incredible these days, were the days of BF1942 in its usual 1024x768 resolution or so when it debuted. Now we have 4K and beyond displays with the new work from ReShade looking great - at least for a game of its age, with new particle effects (dust, smoke, explosions and more), new water effects, higher resolution reflections, higher quality level of detail, and more.

ReShade notes that "There are still many textures left, but this is how the game looks at the moment. (Final version will look much better)". There's no release date for the final version, other than we know to expect that the final build will "look much better".

The full list includes:

  • New textures, up to 4096×4096 resolution.
  • New particle effects (dust, smoke, explosion, etc)
  • New water effects
  • New higher resolution reflections on some objects.
  • Higher quality LOD
  • New skybox (upscaled for now + minor tweaks)
  • New, more detailed shadows on most objects.
  • Advanced shaders thanks to ReShade.
Battlefield 1942 remastered project kicks it up to 4K |

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