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Unikrn bets the eFarm on cryptocurrency eSports betting

Unikrn's recenty announcement of UnikrnGold shows the company is years ahead of its time.

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If you haven't had your eyes on Unikrn, it's a company started by a man years ahead of his time in multiple businesses - with Unikrn itself being the first eSports betting company in the world. Unikrn lets gamers bet and then win or lose real money on eSports tournaments and games around the world, with games like CS:GO, League of Legends, and DOTA 2.

Unikrn bets the eFarm on cryptocurrency eSports betting 05

Unikrn then had another world's first when it launches Unikoin, a digital currency that could be used for eSports betting on its own site. But just last week the company announced UnikoinGold, Unikrn's own token that is designed as a decentralized ERC20 token on the hugely popular Ethereum blockchain. This means that you can buy, sell, or trade digital currencies on an exchange that supports Ethereum. This also means people can mine their own Ethereum at home and exchange them into UnikoinGold, betting on eSports games through Unikrn using mined Ethereum. That's pretty awesome.

I reached out to Rahul and asked him some questions:

TT: Tell me about the evolution between Unikoin... how long was it until you saw digital currency like Ethereum as the spark for UnikoinGold?

Rahul @ Unikrn: "About two years ago Mark Cuban tried to push us to look into Blockchain. He said it could change our business completely. We had already created the Unikoin knowing that as it gets popular we would have to find a way to add more utility to them. We started looking at Blockchain and Ethereum, and we knew eventually we would find an opportunity to turn the Unikoin into a cryptocurrency. The rest is history, our investors are in love, and we are very optimistic about the future".

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"As far as Mark and others influence on betting... our investors appreciate that we are a licensed operator. We love and know esports like no other... We all know that sports betting increases fan engagement and that's absolutely true for esports as well. Unikrn builds a very engaging esports betting experience, and our new crypto platforms are going to be nuts".

TT: How has the reception been from gamers, and the eSports champions you work with? Is the idea and unlimited future potential of digital currencies, including your own UnikoinGold?

Rahul @ Unikrn: "Our community loves it man. We have started speaking with players, personalities, and punters. They're all excited for the future of Unikrn".

TT: What gaming PC do you have at home? What's your gaming poison?

Rahul @ Unikrn: "I have a crazy Razer R1 powered by Maingear. I also have about ~20 other gaming PCs kicking around here. I play League of Legends alot, I love Fiddlesticks".

TT: Will we see Unikrn and eSports betting with UnikoinGold on consoles in the future?

Rahul @ Unikrn: "As you know I have lots of friends at Microsoft, you can bet that we are talking to them".

TT: Unikrn on HoloLens? 🙂

Rahul @ Unikrn: "I think it would be amazing".

TT: I can see live AR of my Unikrn account and the stats/market place of UnikoinGold in AR while I'm watching or playing a game

Rahul @ Unikrn: "I'm invested in a mixed reality company in Montreal called Vrvana, we are discussing stuff like this often".

TT: Is Unikrn working with Twitch, and its competitors about being the digital currency-based eSports betting foundation for gamers to bet on livestreams, professional matches, and more?

Rahul @ Unikrn: "Unikrn supports all major streams - you can watch a match on our site and place bets on pretty much any market. Our crypto platform will offer real live betting with tons of markets and a live stream".

For more details on Unikrn and its upcoming ICO token sale, visit the Unikrn community.

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