Doctor: use sunscreen when using phones or computers

Dermatologist to the stars recommends sunscreen for people using smartphones and computers.

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Put your phone down. Turn your computer off. Sorry if you can't read this news, but your LCD is burning you... according to Dr Howard Murad, an American dermatologist to A-list stars like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez.

Doctor: use sunscreen when using phones or computers |

Murad claims that spending four days (not all at once) in front of screens that emit harmful blue rays, is equivalent to 20 minutes of sunbathing. Murad gave the remarks during a segment on This Morning, saying that we can better protect ourselves with sunscreen when using our smartphones, tablets, and computers. Certain sunscreens have an ingredient called lutein, while foods like goji berries have lutein, protecting you from these harmful rays.

It just so happens Murad is the owner of a multi-million dollar skincare range, urging viewers to eat foods that contain the sunscreen-like lutein ingredient, and to apply a tablespoon of lotion to your face before going out into the sun, or snapping a selfie, I guess. Murad said: "Look for sunscreen that contains lutein, because that helps protect from the blue rays. It's really important. It's something that you should be using".

Murad had a demonstration for the audience, shining a blue light onto a piece of white card, and then held a vial of lutein in front of the light. The light didn't pierce the lutien, with presenter Holly Willoughby saying the demonstration was "amazing". Murad wants people to "eat" more natural sunscreen with fruits like pomegranate, watermelon and pink grapefruit, which helps reduce sun damage.

He added: "They're antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, so help minimise the damage from the rays".


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