Google uses AI on next-gen image compressing tech

Google taps the near unlimited brains of AI to create a new image compression tool, uses 75% less bandwidth.

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Google it utilizing the near unlimited power of artificial intelligence in order to reduce the amount of data consumed with images online, using new image compressions technology called RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Super Image Resolution).

Google uses AI on next-gen image compressing tech |

Google's Alphabet subsidiary has been tapping AI to save data on high-res images, but and it's already here - except, it's limited to Google+ for now. Using the new RAISR technology, up to 75% of mobile data can be saved - all without any change in the image quality. How does RAISR work? The technology takes the image, analyzes it, and creates duplicates of the images using fractions of the pixels from the original image.

The company talked about RAISR in a recent write up, where it explained: "Doing so reduces the data cost of each image by up to 75 percent. The technique is currently being applied to more than a billion images a week, and the company says doing so has reduced users' total bandwidth by about a third".

Google is claiming that it is upscaling around 1 billion images per week using RAISR, but this will continue to expand as the company rolls out this new AI-powered technology deeper into Google's vast services.

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