AMD Radeon GPU tech will power Intel's next-gen iGPUs

AMD and Intel have reportedly signed a new agreement that will have Radeon GPU tech inside of Intel's next-gen CPUs.

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With the impending release of Intel's next-gen Kaby Lake family of processors, we're seeing disappointing numbers from the flagship Core i7-7700K - which is barely faster than the current-gen Core i7-6700K, but the new 7700K runs much hotter.

AMD Radeon GPU tech will power Intel's next-gen iGPUs |

The bigger news that has just dropped is that Intel and AMD have reportedly signed a new contract that will see AMD Radeon GPU technology inside of Intel's next-gen CPUs. AMD would provide Radeon GPU technology for Intel's integrated graphics, after years of Intel trying to make it work - and it looks like they just can't get their GPU game up to scratch, so they're going to their main rival... AMD.

The news is coming from HardOCP boss Kyle Bennett, who wrote on the HardOCP forums: "The licensing deal between AMD and Intel is signed and done for putting AMD GPU tech into Intel's iGPU". Bennett continued, saying that "Intel in no way wants this to be public", but that's kind of hard on a public forum - and now, here with this post.

With AMD set to launch their new Vega GPU architecture powered by HBM2 technology, one can only imagine the future of Intel CPUs with Radeon GPU technology, mixed with HBM2. As one of the comments on the HardOCP post said: "The real question is, what did AMD get in return? Money? Intel cross licensing?"


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