Crytek 'impressed' with PlayStation VR, talks PS4 Pro

Crytek talks up PS4 Pro, also PlayStation VR as they were 'impressed' with Sony's VR headset.

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Crytek has been all-in with VR so far, and this commitment to the next level of gaming and entertainment is amplified with their teased future of VR, and Crytek's work with Sony on the PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR.

Crytek 'impressed' with PlayStation VR, talks PS4 Pro |

The developer talked to WCCFTech about the PS4 Pro, and how Crytek will support Sony's new console with their upcoming title 'Robinson: The Journey'. The site asked "what kind of enhancements can we expect? Does PS4 Pro represent a meaningful boost to PSVR's capabilities?"

Crytek's Executive Producer and Game Director, Elijah Freeman, said: "Robinson will be playable on both PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, and we think it offers a stand-out experience regardless of which platform players choose. The game was developed for PlayStation 4 from the outset, and we've worked hard to maximize the potential of the system and the opportunities PS VR unlocks".

Freeman continued: "For PS4 Pro players, the technical enhancements Sony has outlined will be in evidence - these include higher rendering resolution, enhanced SSDO/SSAO lighting effects, longer view distances, higher quality texture filtering, and more seamless LOD (level of detail) generation. From our side, the scalability of CRYENGINE and the high level of visual fidelity it allows for has made the process of supporting both platforms very smooth and something that we're well equipped for. We're confident that players on both platforms will be very happy with what they see".

Crytek was also asked about The Climb, and whether it would be released onto the HTC Vive or PSVR, with Freeman adding: "Right now we're focusing on the launch of Robinson for PSVR. And for The Climb we are adding support for Oculus Touch later this year, which adds another really immersive aspect to the gameplay".

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