Deadly Chaos Warriors destroy the Empire in Total War: Warhammer

A new Total War: Warhammer gameplay video shows off some more of the brutal savage battles you'll encounter with the Chaos Warriors.

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The newest gameplay video for Total War: Warhammer is all about Chaos and showing off the extraordinary abilities of the Chaos Warriors as they fight against the Empire, lead by the Emperor, Karl Franz.

This is a first look at the Chaos Warriors that'll be available in-game. We get to see a range of the different Chaos units, from core infantry such as Chaos Marauders and Warriors, to higher-tier monstrosities such as the Chaos Giant and the brutal Hellcannon, which is a horrid instrument of evil which transmutes souls into flesh-searing bolts of arcane energy and hurls them into the enemy ranks.

It's all very well done showcase of not only the differentiation that can be found within the various factions and with the different units, but also once again of the massive battles that we can expect to take part in. There are hundreds of units swarming around on-screen, and though the detail isn't quite the highest in this case, it runs at a smooth 1080P at 60FPS. The ability to zoom in and see the Chaos Marauders smoothly envelope the Empire forces is quite fun to see.

Deadly Chaos Warriors destroy the Empire in Total War: Warhammer |

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