ARK: Survival Evolved lets you play with handcuffs, and a giant beaver

Giant beavers can now be tamed an ridden while you can use the new handcuffs to properly capture human prey.

Published Wed, Feb 24 2016 8:02 AM CST   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:01 PM CST

Have you ever had the inclination to ride a beaver? Perhaps even tame and mount a giant beaver to help do your bidding to survive a hostile and difficult environment? Studio Wildcard thinks you do and they've added the Castoroides Feliconcisor into the now massive catalog of species in the game.

The Giant Beaver of the real-world grew up to 2.2m in length and weighed about 90Kg according to fossil records. And they've modeled it near perfectly here, complete with the snarling, pointed teeth used to carve out their dam habitats. And they'll actually go about building those in-game as well, which you can come across while hunting for the mighty giant beaver. The cuddly beaver also acts as a sort-of mobile crafting station.

Train and make the beaver your friend, and mount, so it can be used as a wood gatherer, which it's fantastic at. And if you ever happen to come across any pesky destructive humans that want to steal your beavers, that you just must take captive, you can actually do it the right way, with the new in-game handcuffs. I'm sure these will be used for more "creative" diversions, but that's what makes this game so fascinating. All the wonderful different ways in which you c an approach the game.

ARK: Survival Evolved lets you play with handcuffs, and a giant beaver 2 |

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