Half-Life 3 teased in SteamVR Performance Tool files

Valve's new SteamVR Performance Tool teases Half-Life 3.

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Here we go again... Half-Life 3 is being teased by Valve, with the game showing up in their new SteamVR Performance Tool that was released just a couple of days ago. Half-Life 3 is referenced multiple times, as you can see below:

Half-Life 3 teased in SteamVR Performance Tool files | TweakTown.com
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\shared\hl3\hl3_vscriptgamesystem.cpp.......VScr iptServerHL3
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\npc_quest_citizen.cpp...CNPC_QuestCi tizen::DisplayDialogString..m_DialogStringDisplayD ropShadow
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\partial_entity_manager.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\procedural_spawn_constraint.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\utllogicconstraintsolver.h
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\procedural_spawn_manager.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\entity_persist.h
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\procedural_spawn_target.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\procedural_spawn_template.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\procedural_spawn_volume.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\procspawn_bias_line.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\procspawn_modifier.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\procspawn_variable.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\shared\hl3\imposter_manager.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\npc_turret_ceiling_pulse.cpp
  • particles/vortigaunt_fx/vortigaunt_charge_token.vpcf
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\point_quest_goal.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\prop_fixed.cpp
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\server\hl3\gravity_vortex_controller.h
  • #HL3_SpyGrenadeHint1
  • #HL3_SpyGrenadeHint2
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\ga me\shared\hl3\hl3_vscriptgamesystem.cpp

But the Half-Life 3 fun doesn't stop there, as Reddit member 'DuckyDays' took a peek inside the SteamVR Performance Tool, and found the following mentions from Half-Life 3:

  • There is 1671 matches of hl, 14 of hl3, 97 of hl2, 11 of HalfLife2, 0 of HalfLife3
  • c:\buildslave\vrgdc2015_staging_win64\build\src\game\client\hl3\c_point_quest_goal
  • BaseHLBludgeonWeapon
  • HLSelectFireMachineGun
  • C_BaseHLPlayer::Schema_VerifyBindingIsRegistered
  • client\hl2\c_strider.cpp
  • \client\hl2\c_npc_manhack.cpp
  • And this is just a few, I found alot of weopons and npcs mostly HL2 what I could find. Now I am not a programer or anything, so I dont know what any of this means. I just found it in the code
  • EDIT Under the server.dll I found some more text
  • GameSystemReallocatingFactory@VCHL3VScriptGameSystem
  • HL3_SpyGrenadeHint¨
  • game\server\hl3\gravity_vortex_controller
  • \game\server\hl3\info_quest_dialog
  • game\server\hl3\procedural_spawn_target
  • game\server\hl3\npc_turret_ceiling_pulse
  • But more then anything I found HL2 refrences all over the code.
  • EDIT2:
  • In the file "readyonly_tools_asset_info.bin" under /steamVRPerformanceTest/vr.
  • core vr portal2_imported left4dead3 hl3
  • Al in one string.
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