Get acquainted to a dangerous world in Far Cry Primal's newest trailer

Think you can survive in one of the most dangerous historic periods? The newest trailer shows you what you'll go up against.

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A new Far Cry Primal trailer takes you on a quick exploration of all the possible dangers that you'll cross paths with in the developing world. And it looks like you'll have some horrible odds against you as you try to save humankind.

Primal isn't just an inconsequential label to describe the time-period. When they appended that to the title they meant it in every way. Everything in the world is against you and even the flora presents a deadly challenge. But with time and patience, you might be able to be the victor against all odds.

The trailer has a great husky voice-over that guides you through some of the various challenges you'll encounter, from different tribes to the wildlife itself. From all appearances, Ubisoft hasn't held anything back in designing this game to be mostly true to the period it's set in.

Get acquainted to a dangerous world in Far Cry Primal's newest trailer |

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