Surface Book GPU comparable to 940M, includes 1GB RAM

Enthusiasts leak Surface Book GPU specs, and they look familiar.

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Microsoft has been quiet about the GPU specifications for its 2-in-1 Surface Book, so enthusiastic Reddit users took to the Microsoft Store, sneakily installed GPU-Z on Surface Books, and found out for themselves what's inside.

Surface Book GPU comparable to 940M, includes 1GB RAM 1

The results may be familiar to you, as they're not unlike the 940M. The custom hardware is an upgrade though, including 1GB dedicated GDDR5 RAM, among other things. You can see the specs in the images here, as well as in the rundown below.

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit

DirectX version: 12.0

GPU processor: GeForce GPU

Driver version: 354.15

Direct3D API version: 12

Direct3D feature level: 11_0

CUDA Cores: 384

Core clock: 954 MHz

Memory data rate: 5010 MHz

Memory interface: 64-bit

Memory bandwidth: 40.08 GB/s

Total available graphics memory: 5081 MB

Dedicated video memory: 1024 MB GDDR5

System video memory: 0 MB

Shared system memory: 4057 MB

Video BIOS version: 82.08.4D.00.01

IRQ: Not used

Bus: PCI Express x4 Gen3

Device Id: 10DE 134B 00081414

Part Number: 2702 0001

Surface Book GPU comparable to 940M, includes 1GB RAM 2

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