Watching eSports on YouTube is popular, turning into big business

eSports videos prove to be popular on YouTube.

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Twitch may be the king of eSports live streams, but YouTube is proving to be a popular outlet to watch previously recorded gaming matches. The No. 1 video website has billions of hours of eSports and video game footage viewed by users every month, despite increasing popularity of livestreaming sites.

Watching eSports on YouTube is popular, turning into big business |

League of Legends, Counter-Strike, FIFA, and Call of Duty - four popular eSports titles - make up the top 10 list of all-time game videos viewed on YouTube. Some viewers prefer to watch events live, but there is plenty of previously-aired eSports footage available on YouTube and other video sharing websites.

"Twitch clearly has the lead in video game livestreaming and eSports, but if all game-related YouTubers start using YouTube to do livestreaming, they could be back in the game soon," said Peter Warman, CEO of the Newzoo global market research firm, in a statement to Fortune. "Often gamers can choose between Twitch or YouTube streams when it comes to eSports events."

YouTube will remain a popular platform for eSports, as it allows sports leagues and gamers to create, share, broadcast, and interact with viewers.

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