Ryanair looks to create solutions for passengers wearing smartwatches

Ryanair will give smartwatch owners additional features.

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Ryanair wants to give smartwatch wearable owners additional features, such as boarding gate information, digital boarding passes, and post-landing information. A prototype app offering will be unveiled after the Apple Watch launches in the spring, according to company officials.

Ryanair looks to create solutions for passengers wearing smartwatches | TweakTown.com

Additional details about the custom smartwatch offering will be released in the coming months.

"In the future, Ryanair wants to be able to provide information throughout a passenger's journey, from the second you go to bed in a hotel, to when you land and need to find your car, or book a taxi," said John Hurley, CTO of Ryanair, in a statement published by The Telegraph. "People want micro-moments, micro pieces of information."

Wearables - and specifically smartwatches - are expected to grow in popularity, but developers will need to create new offerings for these users. Smartphones and tablets already allow for a number of different services and customized services already created to make things easier.

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