Physics games are still cool - The Besiege Alpha is fantastic

The best early access game we've seen yet - check out the physics-based game Besiege.

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Did you ever play Bridge Builder? I know I spend many hours of precious High School learning time teetering away, trying to build the best bridge on a budget to somehow transport my cargo across the raging chasm I was provided with.

Physics games are still cool - The Besiege Alpha is fantastic 025

Well we're now in the 'new age', with physics games being more than a few colors and lines - in comes Besiege. You're given a tiny starting block and as many resources as you can poke a stick at, each level has a slightly different objective and almost all have these cute little knights and archers waiting to slice you up.

Interested? Here's more - whether you're after a more tactical approach or simply want to build something ridiculous and massive like my aptly named 'Cannon Fire' as seen below, Besiege will present you with various problem solving tasks that you must complete. Each component in your arsenal can be tweaked and tinkered with, including different turning speeds, strengths and firing orders - further adding to the depth of this indie title.

Physics games are still cool - The Besiege Alpha is fantastic 026

If you're into games that provide you with a puzzle and allow you to go as in-depth or simple as you wish - Besieged might just be for you. Currently in 'Early Access' mode, only the first set of missions are available, however this has taken me around 1.5 hours to complete fully. You'll often find yourself lost in trying to make a crazy idea work just right, even though you know that your time is being wasted - it's still great fun either way!

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