iOS 8 space got you down? You can now arrange your music by size

If space constraints are an issue for you, try ranking your music by the size they take up on your device.

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Back in September, Apple released iOS8 alongside the iPhone 6, featuring a myriad of new options and features alongside space constraint issues for those with the lower capacity models.

iOS 8 space got you down? You can now arrange your music by size |

If you weren't already aware, one of the new cool features available is the ability to rank your music artists and albums by their size taken up on the device. If you're worried that your previous, or current, love for One Direction or Taylor Swift is taking up too much room on your smartphone, you can see exactly how much of your precious (and limited) storage capacity they are eating away at).

To take advantage of this handy feature, all you've got to do is navigate to your Settings app pick General, Usage and Manage Storage. From there you can browse what's on offer.

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