Arbor Solution to show off 10.1" Rugged Android, octo-core tablet

Arbor Solution will show off 10.1" Android tablet designed to withstand a beating in the workplace.

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Arbor Solution will publicly unveil the Gladius 10 tablet during CES 2015, with the octa-core Cortex A7-powerede device designed to withstand a beating. The mobile device will have a $1,030 MSRP, but certainly wasn't created towards consumers.

Arbor Solution to show off 10.1 Rugged Android, octo-core tablet |

The device has a 10.1" TFT high-definition LCD display (1280x800), integrated barcode scanner, quad-core ARM Mali 3D GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 2-megapixel front-facing camera and 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. The tablet also includes GPS, assisted GPS and e-compass navigational systems, micro-USB, microSD, mini-HDMI port and two SIM card slots.

"Mobile technology is quickly changing the way work and business is conducted today," said Brian Yurkiw, vice president of Arbor Solution, in a press statement. "The key to success, along with a smaller design and advanced features, is durability and connectivity. Our new Gladius 10 rugged tablet is especially designed to withstand drops, vibrations, dirt, and water and can operate across a very wide temperature range. In other words, it is durable and ready for whatever it encounters in a mobile work application."

These type of rugged tablets are becoming more common in the workplace, as companies want to increase worker productivity - but have less concern of a broken Apple iPad, or other popular consumer device.

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