New PCIe SSD Brings G.Skill back to the SSD Market

G,.Skill shows PCIe based Phoenix Blade SSD with SandForce in RAID.

Chris Ramseyer
Published Sat, Jun 7 2014 1:56 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT

Computex 2014 - G.Skill has been quiet in the SSD market for the last two years due to low flash availability and high flash prices. Now that flash is abundant again the company is testing the SSD waters with an impressive showing at Computex 2014.

New PCIe SSD Brings G.Skill back to the SSD Market 01 |

At this time, the Phoenix Blade isn't a guaranteed retail product. The company received the first samples just days before the show so TweakTown didn't have a warning in advance but once the show started we called into action.

New PCIe SSD Brings G.Skill back to the SSD Market 02 |

A 960GB model and 480GB model were on display at the G.Skill booth and the 480GB model was actually running full tilt.

New PCIe SSD Brings G.Skill back to the SSD Market 03 |

Here we see some performance numbers with Anvil's Storage Utility. The Phoenix Blade 480GB delivered a solid 1,773 MB/s sequential read and 820 MB/s sequential write performance. The Phoenix Blade uses SandForce SF-2281 controllers in RAID with an unknown RAID controller and unknown flash.

After talking to the product manager, we confirmed there is a good chance this product will come to market, at least in limited quantities. When G.Skill ran a full SSD product line, the company's drives were very cost competitive and because of that we would live to see G.Skill get back in the SSD game even if that means only producing high-end products like the Phoenix Blade.

Chris Ramseyer started his career as a LAN Party organizer in Midwest USA. After working with several computer companies he was asked to join the team at The Adrenaline Vault by fellow Midwest LAN Party legend Sean Aikins. After a series of shake ups at AVault, Chris eventually took over as Editor-in-Chief before leaving to start Real World Entertainment. Look for Chris to bring his unique methods of testing Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives as well as RAID controller and NAS boxes to TweakTown as he looks to provide an accurate test bed to make your purchasing decisions easier.

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