Cooler Master Case Mod Competition 2012 Results

Results from the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition 2012 are here.

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For the past two years Cooler Master has run an annual Case modding competition which has produced some of the most stunning examples of both professional and amateur PC builds from around the globe.

Cooler Master Case Mod Competition 2012 Results |

This year's Modding competition was no different with the usual mixture of drama, trolling and some friendly rivalries setting the stage for some mind blowing creations. The Competition itself is divided into three categories: Scratch Mod, Tower Mod and Cooler Mod, each with a plethora of modders fighting for a place as the best of the best in their individual classes.

Well after Months of hard work from all the hopeful participants the dust has settled in the workshops, votes have been tallied and winners announced. Cooler Master must have experienced a larger than expected turn out for this years event as we can see multiple second and third places have been added to the tower and scratch mod sections of the competition. Results are as follows.

Tower Mod

1st place

  • Titanium PC by Paul Tan

2nd place

  • ATCS 840 PoLoMoD by PoLoMoD
  • Coolermaster Cosmos II MbK by kier

3rd place

  • CM Test Bench V2 by Ace_finland
  • Starscr3am by tantric
  • Ducati Trooper by Raiden73

Scratch Mod

1st place

  • Opprezzor: Annihilation Squad by masbuskado

2nd place

  • Self-evolution by Kitson Chan
  • RAZOR by kharr

3rd place

  • Dreadclaw by Soul-i-Doll
  • The Black Sphere V2 by Scynd
  • The Next Level by Paslis

Cooler Mod

1st place

  • Abstract Cooler by Alex "AnG3L" Ftoulis

2nd place

  • SKULLER N620 by CDO

Why not head over to Cooler Master's competition page and check out some of the most unique and beautiful builds of 2012.

John Williamson aka Pwnography6 joins TweakTown to bring us up to speed on the world of case modding.

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