Zombify Yourself With ZombieMirror AR+ iOS App

ZombieMirror app puts the aaaRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr back in "AR"

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As of last Friday you could use augmented reality facial tracking to turn yourself into Prince William or Princess Kate, but Aptronic has done it again with their ZombieMirror AR+ iOS application for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 (you need the rear-facing camera).

Zombify Yourself With ZombieMirror AR+ iOS App 046

Yes, that includes Scruffy, the family Zombie. Er, I mean, cat.

Much like the Royal Wedding app (also by Aptronic), the ZombieMirror application utilizes the facial-tracking SDK of Paris / Los Angeles-based AR solutions firm Total Immersion to recognize your face (or the face of a friend or random passerby- though I highly discourage trying to take photos of people you don't know) and overlay digital information on top of it- in this case, Zmobification awesomeness. You can also "configure" your Zombie visage to include or omit effects like pockmarked cheek, dangling eye, and, quite simply, hatchet- amongst other things.

Total Immersion's blog features this delicious snippet:

WARNING: in the event of a zombie apocalypse and your inevitable degeneration into zombiehood, ZombieMirror will only serve to make you an even freakier zombie. Please seek urgent medical attention in the form of a shotgun blast to the face.

Thanks guys, I'll add that to my contingency plan for the Zombie Apocalypse: "iPhone useless in combating zombies." Download the app here, and check out more photos after the break.
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