Three Releases 40% Faster Dongle

Three brings out faster broadband dongle.

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Three Releases 40% Faster Dongle |

Yes Americans, we know it's not the best name for a device. Sure looks like a dongle though, right?

The British mobile provider Three announced a new and improved version of their broadband dongle, the Huawei E367. The dongle should be available in stores (wherever Three is accessible) starting next week, and boasts 40% faster browsing speeds.

David Kerrigan, Three's head of mobile broadband, reportedly touted the new device's capability:

Huawei has done a great job delivering this superior dongle, in both form and function. Whether browsing the internet, downloading files or streaming video, this dongle delivers an even better internet experience on our 3G network, which is built for mobile internet.

The dongle will be available for £69.99 on PAYG with 1GB preloaded, £49.99 on a 1GB, or a 30-day rolling contract and £15.99 per month with 5GB per month. Existing customers will be able to upgrade to the new dongle for £59.99. The price is waived for new customers if they sign up for the 15GB monthly package on a two year contract for £18.03 per month. As an American, I feel slightly peeved at the discrepancy between broadband here and in England. I mean, we won the war, right? Doesn't that mean we should have monthly broadband deals for 15gb a month for $20? You can barely get more than 2gb a month without paying absurd prices and usage fees. You're right AT&T, unlimited data usage is unnecessary- how about more than an amount that takes Pandora less than 24 hours to max out?

The dongle also has some new logistic features, including a rotating head and the ability to stand vertically, which Three claims will allow even better connectivity to their broadband network.

I know I'm a stupid yank, but there's something about releasing a 'brand new dongle" with "a rotating head" and "the ability to stand vertically" that just seems, well, rather off to me.

Evidently, the British think it's funny too. Enjoy the video.

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