Microsoft Rolls out IE9, Web that has Beauty

IE9 joins Firefox 4, Safari, and Chrome in the lastest of Internet Browser updates.

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Microsoft just released the "final" version of Internet Explorer 9, the Browser That Started It All. Sort of.

Microsoft Rolls out IE9, Web that has Beauty |

Though there are bound to be bugs nonetheless, Microsoft is touting some pretty impressive features. Though the browser comparison on their website is a bit outdated, here are some of the options that a user just won't be able to find in Firefox 4 or Chrome 9 (Betas):

- Full hardware acceleration for text, graphics, and video provided by default
(IE9 utilizes your computer's CPU and GPU to optimize performance)

-Notification when add-ons slow browser performance
(this would be very useful with all the plug-ins and add-ons available for any browser

-Visual search suggestions as you type
(don't Google and Bing just..already do this, in any browser?)

-Jump Lists and thumbnail preview controls for pinned sites
(Mirrors Firefox's Panorama in function, re: a better bookmarking/tabbing system. Also the added feature that you can set the "pinned" sites to notify you when content changes- sort of like an RSS feed, but controlled by the Browser rather than the host site. Pretty cool)

-Accelerators for quick access to web services without leaving the page

-Most protection against socially engineered malware

-Tab recovery with messaging and prompting when websites time out
(Chrome definitely already does this)

-H.264-encoded HTLM5 video support
(Semantics: Most Browsers already have HTML5 support, just not the H.264)

-Compatibility mode to view websites designed for older browsers

-Tools that show pages in different rendering engines to let developers understand and debug browser differences
(I'm surprised that all browsers don't have the function to "let developers understand" something)

Check out all the features on Microsoft's Beauty of the Web, where you can download and "Explore" to your heart's content.
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