Microsoft wants to change the term Netbook

Low Cost Small Notebook PC sounds better, really.

Published Wed, Jun 3 2009 1:39 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:36 PM CST
In the world of IT marketing there are some good moves and there are some, well not so good moves. At the top of our list of really foolish things to do for Computex today we have Microsoft's comment that they thing the term netbook should not be used any more.

The new suggested term is "Low Cost Small Notebook PC". I do not know about you but I think I will keep calling them netbooks. After all they were intended to be used primarily for the internet and not as a standalone unit.

The new term if it gets accepted will only serve to bring more confusion to a product that already has an identity crisis.

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Microsoft wants to change the term Netbook

Microsoft is now kindly asking the world plus dog to call these toys Low Cost Small Notebook PCs, or LCSNPCs. Somehow we don't see this idea catching on.

You might wonder why Microsoft is pushing for the new term, and so do we. The company claims that some mini-notebooks feature more capabilities than just Internet browsing, so the term netbook should be dropped in lieu of Low Cost Small Notebook PCs.

Frankly, we're really not sure what these capabilities are. Thanks to Microsoft and Intel, all netbooks, or Low Cost Small Notebook PCs, are virtually the same, and they have been since they first appeared. Well, actually, the first netbook, I mean LCSNPC, was based on a Celeron CPU, which was, in fact, even faster than most Atoms used today.

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