ATI Mobility 4000 Series ready for CeBIT

spotted early in Dell notebook.

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Dell India's website today confirmed that ATI's new Mobility Radeon HD 4000 series mGPUs are ready for launch during CeBIT in less than a couple weeks. The Mobility Radeon HD 4570 is listed as being used in Dell's new Studio 1555 notebook.

ATI Mobility 4000 Series gears up for CeBIT

Thanks to GPU Cafe, what we have learned of the Mobility Radeon 4570 is that it is the sibling to RV710, 55nm based with 80 shader processors, 8 TMUs and 4 ROPs on a 64-bit memory interface. AMD/ATI claim a TDP rating of just 13W with this chip whilst giving supposed superior performance to NVIDIA's GeForce G110M solution by as much as 20-30%.
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