Obama does not want to give up his Blackberry

"they're going to have to pry it out of my hands.

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President Elect Obama is still clinging to his blackberry despite the potential security risks.

For some odd reason he feels the need to maintain a publicly controlled communication device that can be tracked by not one but three spate methods. In addition to being able to pinpoint its location by the unique GPS transceiver in the device you can also use cell tower pings and radio frequency triangulation to nail him down. In fact using Cell Tower Data Pings is a proven method for tracking criminals and finding their patterns. Not good for a President.

This is in addition to the insecure RIM network that opens all of his emails to the hackers out there.

I did some looking and think his fuss about his Blackberry might just be a nice little Presidential Plug for RIM. Especially considering the $63,000+ US Dollars they threw and the Democratic Party this election year.

Read more here and here.

Obama does not want to give up his Blackberry

On Thursday, Obama stated he was still "in a scuffle" regarding the Blackberry. He feels a need to continuously be connected to the outside world and "everyday life," much like the rest of us.

White House officials are nervous that a president's e-mails could be subpoenaed by Congress, and be potentially subject to public records laws. This doesn't stop Obama, however, from holding out hope for the device. He stated in an interview on NBC's Today show that "they're going to have to pry it out of my hands"

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