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Do I need x8 ports for AMD Radeon R9 390X Crossfire?

Question by Yadin from Honduras | Answered by Anthony Garreffa | Motherboards | Fri, Jan 22 2016 5:14 PM CST

Hi guys, right now I have a 390x and I want to crossfire the thing, BUT! my motherboard only supports PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 mode) in crossfire (is an ASUS Z97M-Plus) I know that, in theory I need at least both at 8x, but how much performance will be lost if I don't change my MB (I'm quite happy with it) Thanks!

I want to build a SFF PC, capable of 60FPS+ for VR gaming - which GPU?

Question by Andrew from United States | Answered by Anthony Garreffa | Video Cards | Thu, Jan 21 2016 9:24 PM CST

Hi. I'm interesting in building a SFX gaming desktop to run a 1440p monitor with one of the adaptive sync technologies. My other goal for the build is having a small (transportable) computer that can maintain 60+ FPS on an Oculus Rift. The recent price drop of the R9 Fury Nano means this build may happen sooner than i anticipated. The question is, should i go ahead and spring for the newly cheap R9 Nano, or wait for Polaris "Nano" (or Pascal "1070" Mini)? My current system is a 2500k and GTX 670, so the upgrade bug is biting hard, but i can also wait, as the Rift and the HTC Vibe wont really be widely available until the Summer.

I have a GeForce GTX 980, should I get the Acer Predator X34?

Question by Richard from United States | Answered by Anthony Garreffa | Displays & Projectors | Wed, Dec 23 2015 8:10 PM CST

Hey TweakTown,

I've had my GeForce GTX 980 for a while now, but I'm in the market for a new gaming monitor now. For the last 2-3 years now I've been running a Samsung 27-inch monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080 and a 120Hz refresh rate.

I don't game as much anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't want a gaming display. I do more productivity work on my PC now, but want to be able to have a great time gaming when I do get the time to put some hours into something like an FPS or League of Legends. I've been eyeing off an UltraWide monitor, especially after your review on the Acer Predator X34. So I have a few questions:

  • Is my GTX 980 powerful enough to run 3440x1440 in games (it doesn't need to be Ultra detail)
  • Is the Acer Predator X34 all that it's cracked up to be?
  • If I did upgrade to a new GPU, should I get the GTX 980 Ti or Titan X?

Should I upgrade my PSU if I upgrade from a GTX 670 to a GTX 970?

Question by Mirza from Bangladesh | Answered by Anthony Garreffa | Cases, Cooling & PSU | Wed, Dec 9 2015 10:21 PM CST

I own a Cooler Master GX 450W psu. It has been used for nearly 2 years. It's powering my pc absolutely fine (no BDOS,etc) which has a MSI GTX 670 Power OC edition, overclocked FX-6100 @4.1GHz, MSI 990XA-GD55 mobo, two 4GB RAM sticks, two HDDs and a few fans. I am thinking about upgrading to GTX 970. So, I have two questions. Will my psu be able to handle GTX 970 since GTX 970 possibly has same power consumption as GTX 670? And will the upgrade from GTX 670 to GTX 970 even be worth it? I game at 1080p. Thanks for reading :)

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