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Transcend announces its New "JetFlash™ elite" Software Application

By: Array

Transcend have just announced that they're now bundling a new advanced software application with all of their JetFlash series USB Flash Drives.


JetFlash elite is new software that focuses on the needs of the user and is specifically developed to help you manage you data and increase your productivity. The JetFlash elite software pack includes useful software applications such as, PC-Lock, Secret-Zip, E-Mail, AutoLogin, Favorites, DataBackup and My JetFlash solutions.


For further information on its functionalities, grab the detailed press material here folks.


In addition to providing outstanding online solutions your JetFlash and JetFlash elite software work together brilliantly to enhance and improve the ways in which you can interact with your PC. The JetFlash elite's PC-Lock feature allows you to use the JetFlash as a key to lock your desktop, or notebook computer by simply unplugging the JetFlash, thereby disabling the computer and preventing others from accessing your data. You can also setup the PC-Lock to automatically unlock the computer after a certain period of time has elapsed. Another of the JetFlash elite's system enhancing features is the Secret-Zip high-level security function. Secret-Zip not only compresses your saved files to maximize memory storage space, but it also provides very powerful password protection for your data by encrypting the files using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm.


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Microsoft Launches Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP

By: Array

The official (final) version of Windows Media Player 11 has just been released, this version sporting an entirely new interface with stacks of features and improvements across the board. As with IE7, WMP11 will also be implemented into the upcoming Vista operating system by default.


The DailyTech cover it in detail here, and you can head over to the official website to try it out for yourself if you like.


Microsoft has released the final version of Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP. Version 11 sports a redesigned user interface and incorporates seamless integration with MTV's URGE music service.


According to Microsoft, the URGE online catalog provides customers with over 2 million songs by over 110,000 artists. Microsoft is also boasting that its improved search engine in Windows Media Player 11 provides faster results than any other media player on the market.


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DirectX 9.L will be a DirectX 10 for Windows XP - NOT

By: Array

Update: Unfortunately the Inquirer were incorrect on this one, the latest has it that DirectX 9.L will merely be an optimized version of DX9 for Vista, whoops :(




Looks like all the upcoming DirectX 10 game titles to start flooding the market following the release of Vista will also be able to run on ye'ole faithful (Windows XP) as well. Microsoft's soon to be released DirectX 9 update will be a renamed/modified DirectX 10 for WinXP.


The Inquirer have the scoop.


WE MANAGED TO glean a few facts about the upcoming DirectX 9.0 L we told you about here.
DirectX 9.0 L is simply a renamed and refurbished DirectX 10 for Windows XP. It will make DirectX 10 games to work on Windows XP.


And games such as the upcoming Crysis won't work on the existing DirectX 9.0 c. they need a DirectX 9.0 L


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AGEIA Release "RealityMark" Benchmarking Software

By: Array

Following AGEIA's recent acceptance by FutureMark into their Benchmark Development Program, the makers of the first standalone physics card solution on the market (known as the PhysX) have just released a benchmarking utility of their own.


Dubbed "RealityMark" it's based on a streamlined/modified variant of the original Cell Factor demo purely used for the purpose of benchmarking a system with or without a dedicated physics processing solution. If you dont have a PhysX card the benchmark opts for software physics instead, allowing one to clearly see the differences in running a system with dedicated physics processing.


AGEIA RealityMark™ is a new tool which demonstrates the feature and performance value of AGEIA PhysX in a physics-intensive gameplay environment. It's designed to illustrate how next-generation game design uses the power of the PhysX processor to enable leading-edge, physically interactive gameplay elements which were not possible until now.


RealityMark is based on a version of CellFactor: Combat Training from Artificial Studios and Immersion Games. It utilizes a pre-scripted gameplay sequence much like a time demo to compare in-game performance of hardware and software PhysX. The scripted sequence is played once with the PhysX processor enabled and a second time with it disabled to determine the relative performance of each. It then returns the results in terms average Frames Per Second (FPS).


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Tenomichi Announce "3D Media Center" Software

By: Array

First discovered over at NVNews a short while ago, company "Tenomichi" have teamed up with NVIDIA to create an entirely GPU powered 3D Media Center software suite designed to work on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Media Center Edition and Windows Vista.


3D Media Center bridges the gap between games and multimedia by using the GPU to create a completely 3D interface that includes a 3D carousel, a DVD player powered by Nvidia's PureVideo decoder, a video editor with computer games special effects, a photo editor capable of manipulating the highest resolution photos, video transfer to mobile phones, Sony's PSP and Apple's iPOD and can be operated by standard remote controls.


For full details, head over to Tenomichi's website.


"Tenomichi has, for the first time, combined two of Microsoft's core technologies DirectX and Direct Show to create a new multimedia engine called 3D Experience" said Richard Faria, Tenomichi's President and CEO. "This engine was used to build 3D Media Center the most advanced 3D application available in the world" he said "3D interfaces provide the consumer with a fully immersive experience that blends the boundaries between interface and rich media. All consumer applications will follow our lead into 3D; it's inevitable because it's more natural."


3D Media Center includes "Automatic Updates" keeping customers up to date with the latest version of our software and providing free new features. Customers will also receive Tenomichi's Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) module free of charge when it is released in Q4 with SD and HD playback of cable, satellite and digital terrestrial.


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NVIDIA focusing on Windows XP MCE 2005

By: Array

In a fresh press release, NVIDIA have just announced their commitment to delivering a bunch of video and multimedia products with full support for Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. With NV's PureVideo™ technology being the main focus for enriched multimedia usage in a HTPC environment, they also intend to release Dual-Tuner Cards with personal video recording functionalities. More details over at the NV pressroom folks.


SANTA CLARA, CA-OCTOBER 14, 2005-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), a worldwide leader in graphics and digital media processors, today announced that it is delivering a full suite of video and multimedia products specifically for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with Update Rollup 2.


"Advanced video processing technologies such as PureVideo enhance the Media Center experience and give consumers a complete home theater experience on a PC," said Joe Belfiore, general manager of the Windows eHome Division at Microsoft Corp. "We applaud NVIDIA for their efforts and look forward to seeing more industry-leading video and multimedia technology from them in the future."


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TwinMOS Now Providing ACDSee Software With Mobile Disks

By: Array

Another recent press release from memory makers "TwinMOS" informs us that they're now bundling the popular image browsing and editing software "ACDSee Partner Edition 7.0" with any of their mobile disk products, giving you a saving of up to 30 bucks.


yAugust 3, 2005, TaipeizFrom now on all TwinMOS mobile disks are equipped with ACDsee Partner Edition 7.0 ver. for free! You can save up to US$29.99 for a TwinMOS mobile disk that allows you to browse and edit pictures with the powerful ACDsee Partner Edition 7.0!


You can open and browse images in most formats efficiently with ACDsee Partner Edition 7.0, including zoom in and zoom out images, view images fit to window size or in full screen. The powerful editing functions of ACDsee Partner Edition 7.0 allow you to search an image by description, make simple editing, copy images to the clipboard, rotate or modify images, and set images as the backdrop.


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